Mike played our concert last September,

and everyone wanted him back!

Well, he's coming back...and we hope

you'll join us for this great show

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What is a House Concert?

How do i attend?

Upcoming Show; Monday May 7, 2018



We present world class entertainment by touring musicians in an intimate setting.  This is music at its finest.  If you have never attended a House Concert, you are in for a treat!

World Class acoustic music in our living room, set against the Catalina Mountains

Equally at home in the contemporary and traditional camps of the Folk world, he is a fine musician and storyteller. His prime instrument is the guitar, upon which he shines with intricate fingerstyle arrangements of anything from Tin Pan Alley tunes of the '20s to fiddle tunes to his own music. He also plays concertina, piano, banjo, or sings acapella. He can be uproariously funny, contempletive, and powerfully emotional in the space of a few minutes. Not so much a singer-songwriter as a "singer-songfinder, Mike takes great delight in discovering the little-known hidden gems, polishing them with his own distinctive style, and bringing them to the light of day where they sparkle. The man will capture your attention, and then your heart. 

These presentations are private gatherings by invitation.  This is not a business.  Attendees are expected to make a donation of $15-$20, 100% of which goes to the performer.  The host makes no money.

If you've been around the folk scene, you couldn't miss seeing Mike. Tall, ginger beard, and always around where the music is. He's been on the scene for many many years, listening to the fine details of what makes this genre of music so special to the soul, so able to make us laugh and cry and think. And lucky for us all, he got serious about having fun at it.

Listen to some of Mike's music here.

Pot Luck 5:30 - Show 6:30 PM     Donation - $20 pp

You must register for our concerts.  Space is at a premium as we only seat 45 indoors.  We fill up quickly.   Register here.